The one true god. This meme has always been around, but was popularized in late 2016. A popular format to draw Waluigi in would be the Waluigi in the Family style, which was popularized by TheChronomancer.

Waluigi is known to derail games, and even when a loophole is found, the game usually steers towards the topic of Waluigi. This is likely because Waluigi is so awesome, people just subconsiously insert him in games.

A wild Waluigi, however, can be very dangerous if encountered on Drawception. Should you find a prompt or picture of Waluigi, be extremely cautious. Don't press the skip button, attempt to feed Waluigi Cheerios in order to calm him, and whatever you do, NEVER mistake him for Wario.

Waluigi has been known to duke it out with the likes of Yellmo and Waldo for best meme. This, of course, is open to interpretation, however, it is firmly believed that Waluigi is not only the best Drawception meme, but also the best meme on the internet. This is what your opinion should be too, since nothing that is ever put on a wiki can ever be wrong (ever).