VoDrAkE is an user best known for his OCs, ability to create mashups (which he refers to as "high quality rips, a nod to the Youtube channel SiIvaGunner,") and generally being a forum presence. He uses the character Kedamono, from Popee the Performer, as his avatar and by extension a representation of himself, despite having a self insert character.

Trivia Edit

VoDrAkE's OCs include the school shooter creature Zabivat (his most popular) and several "drakes" including Kraska and Vodrake, the latter being a self-insert.

VoDrAkE mainly just creates games, but hopes to be a more active non-forum presence in the future.

VoDrAkE's old username was Kedamono before he lost that account to Facebook issues.

VoDrAkE is rather edgy, in particular, creating Zabivat and unironically liking Pumped Up Kicks, along with his avatar

VoDrAkE's username, particularly the "Vo" part and the alternating caps, are a mystery origin-wise.

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