TheChronomancer is a Drawception player who joined on November 17, 2016. He is known for shoehorning Waluigi at any given opportunity, and also for playing for vast amounts almost every day (probably due to the fact that he has no life). The style TheChronomancer draws Waluigi is similar to that of Brawl in the Family, and this is especially evident in his early drawings of Waluigi. TheChronomancer also has a following known as "the mancer family" which includes, but isn't limited to:

- TheSpatiomancer (sometimes shipped with TheChronomancer)

- TheTechnomancer

- TheNecromancer (new account name: BeyondDaGrave)

- TheTelemancer (new account name: SoVeryDed)

- TheGyromancer

- TheCybomancer

- TheMicromancer

- TheCosmomancer

- TheMancer

Nobody really knows where all these mancers came from, all that is known is that TheChronomancer and TheSpatiomancer have a feud which is often observed by TheTechnomancer.

Some other facts about TheChronomancer:

- He draws on a Macbook Air trackpad, which might explain the low quality of his drawings.

- If any Drawception user's profile shows that they joined before 2014, they most likely despise TheChronomancer, especially if they are active on the forums.

- TheChronomancer carries unmarked $100 bills with him for his walks through dark alleyways, and he is easily blinded by bright lights and punches to the face.

- The ship between TheSpatiomancer and TheChronomancer is hated by both of them, which only adds fuel to the fire.

- Despite being outgoing in the comments, TheChronomancer is a friendless awkward loser in real life, and usually just plays Drawception to cope with the fact he is always by himself with his laptop.