Can properly do a hill billy accent

But that's only the beginning! There is no absolute proof of where Swag Masta of Doncasta came from, but the prevailing theory goes something like this: Once there were 3 extremely swag bros who met up to determine who had the most swag, and was the most infused with the essence of bro. This wasn't going to be an easy contest because let me tell you there was some major swag in play here, so it was looking to be a long evening. The greeting bro-fists took something like 6 hours in and of themselves! I think you're getting the idea by now what kind of situation we're talking about here.

So anyway, these three bros were very alike in the fact that they possessed such swag, but also very different in that they each mastered a different area of being a swag bro. Each of them embodied one of the 3 pillars of swag and bro-ness, but I cannot list these here because it's sacred, secret stuff along the same lines as Ninjutsu, but far swaggier. Needless to say though each of the bros could pull off feats of swag unheard of. And they secretly respected each other a LOT! They eventually decided that a good starter would be to drive around in their various vehicles trying to swag it automotive style, so they started driving around in the parking lot. The competition got a little fierce and the speeds kept increasing until they were spinning around in a circle like of like a swagnado, or maybe the Swagianapolis 500, I cannot put it into words, but the seemingly sad outcome was they crashed! Now do not think me cold for saying seemingly sad, for indeed if any of these three bros had died it would have been terrible, but that is not what happened, not at all. Instead, out of the wreckage of the three vehicles climbed a yellow triangle with green eyes, which was the merger of the swag bros mastery of swag! That's right, remember how I said each of the three bros had mastered 1 pillar of the secret swag arts? Well now each of those pillars formed 1 side of the yellow triangle!

A being of pure swag was born: Swag Masta of Doncasta!