Spectrogrammar is a Drawception player who is on Drawception, plays Drawception, and enjoys Drawception... Mostly.

Draw yourself PIO

Origin Edit

Spectrogrammar arrived to Drawception on August 20th, 2016, after finding out about the game from a channel known as "The Drawfee Channel". Spectrogrammar, being a man who loves drawing, joined the website, despite being unfamiliar with Drawception's drawing interface, being more accustomed to regular drawing programs. The name Spectrogrammar is used in most accounts used, such as enjin and YouTube.

"High Quality" drawings Edit

Spectrogrammar's first drawing submitted to drawception was a poorly-attempted picture depicting "Rock Monster attacks innocent lady". The "innocent lady" in the picture is seen depicting the words "Please help", asking for assistance with the "Rock Monster" currently chasing her. The drawing was depicted by the next player as "Meatball man chases woman down street", as the boulder may have been interpreted as a meatball.

Rock Monster attacks innocent lady

The drawing of said "Rock Monster" attacking

Spectrogrammar's most XP-Rewarding image depicts Mario, compared as "cousin", and Fred Flintstone, compared as "brother" to the infamous meme Grand Dad. A caption below Grand Dad states the Grand state

Brother to Fred Flintstone & cousin to Mario

of the image. The drawing yields 177 XP, but only due to the three XP gained from drawing a two-star drawing and the fact that the remaining 174 XP is triple of the actual amount of likes, which, in reality, is... one moment... 58, which is lower ranked compared to the likes of "I am... Pikaman", with 73 actual likes (and in Spectrogrammar's opinion, a lot higher quality than this TRASH)

Drawception traits Edit

Spectrogrammar's shown personality, if observed carefully, can be deciphered. Spectrogrammar is visibly knowledgeable in some of Vinesauce, as seen by his drawing of Sponge in "Pepe X whoever p.i.o." Spectrogrammar is not only a Vinesauce fan, but enjoys Game Grumps, Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, and other video entertainment. Spectrogrammar also greatly enjoys video games, his favorite being Super Mario World, even drawing himself discovering the special world of Super Mario World in "Childhood Memory PIO". His second favorite would be Earthbound... I could go for some Earthbound right now actually. Spectrogrammar also enjoys drawing himself in Drawception games, even drawing himself when a person is undescribed. Spectrogrammar also enjoys some spicy memes.

Trivia Edit

  • Spectrogrammar draws both on a drawing tablet and on paper, usually with a pen.
  • Spectrogrammar, while not seeming as such at first glance, is in fact what would be considered the hole directly in between the buttocks. He acknowledges this
  • Spectrogrammar created this article... because he has nothing better to do at 4:00 in the morning, also it looked fun.
  • Spectrogrammar's favorite drawception player is Daviseti ^o^
  • Spectrogrammar's specialty in drawing is drawing ghosts. While the ghosts drawn by him in drawception are crummy, Spectrogrammar prefers most of his ghost drawing on paper, and sometimes in a drawing program, much less a specific ghost in a specific situation with a time limit on drawception.
  • Spectrogrammar's name derives from the words Spectrogram and Grammar. The name was formulated when he was thinking random thoughts as usual and thought of the name, liking it, and using it for most of his stuff, even on ifunny. He found the name somewhat fitting because of his decency at garmmar. However, Spectrogrammar realized about a year later while googling himself (because he's like that), around this time (more precisely the day before this article's creation), that the name Spectrogrammar was used as an album name from an artist known as Dan FitzGerald. The name is subject to change any day now... whoops!
  • Spectrogrammar considers someone like you really awesome for reading all the way through this and to the end of the trivia. He hopes that one does not simply read the bottom trivia message and leave it as that...
  • Spectrogrammar's favorite piece he has created (that is safe for work) comes to a tie between Danny DeVito as Quote (Cave Story) and Ralph Bluetawn