Friendly and having a love for all things cute, Sambchop is the name of the character created by player Drawception player Sambchop.

Character designEdit

Sambchop is depicted as having long curly or wavy brown hair, large green eyes, and a large bust. She wears a purple dress.

Sambchop factsEdit

Originally posted by GuyWhoDrawsNaoko here

Sambchop facts:
1.- If a girl has brown hair, it's Sambchop
2.- If a girl has purple dress, it's Sambchop
3.- If a man has a purple dress, it's Sambchop
4.- If it's some kind of morph between a human and a stick dude, it's Sambchop
5.- If it has huge boobs, it's Sambchop.
6.- If the drawing says it's not Sambchop, it's Sambchop.
7.- If the drawing says it's not Sambchop but a guy, it's Bobchop.
There, now you can play Drawception like a pro.

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