MPen was originally a creature in Dungeon Master: Chaos Strikes Back (1989, FTL Games) and like all denizens of Lord Chaos' volcanic fortress, had a poem in the bestiary to describe the challenge he presented to the heroes, and it did go thusly:

Little Brown Hedgehog

Berry on his head!

Better be berry careful...

He'll make you berry dead!

Unfortunately, due to a design oversight, MPen was placed in a sub-area of the dungeon that had no access, and thus he never actually met the heroes in order to make them berry dead. Sometime around 1997 he eventually yelled "Where IS everyone?" and managed to root his way through the earth (Hedgehogs are known to do that! Just you watch) and to the outside, where he found that volcano had long since been converted into an office park. Utterly disgusted, he swore off being a dungeon beastie and began drinking (Completely within responsible limits, mind) attempting to nap and playing Drawception. The fact he started playing in 1997 makes him possibly the first player, having arrived even before the site creator! (Don't bring this up on the forums though, it just causes arguments.)

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