"LegDad", also known as "Leg Dad" or "Daddy Longlegs" is yet another inside joke on Drawception. LegDad is a character, presumably a Pokemon, who is a nude man with 6-8 legs who walks around like a spider. In this game: ☀" finished on Feb 19 of 2017, the sixth panel, drawn by user Ubr, is the first appearance of the character. He since then has been featured in a number of games, including ☀ , the game LegDad was originally most recognized for.



On March 3, the top game ☀ completed, with almost every panel looking suspiciously similar. Around the same time, other games involving Legdad began to include him doing a TED talk, including another top top game from the very same day, ☀ Following this, Legdad was invariably linked with TED talks.

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