This meme, true to its name, features Misty, the female protagonist of the first three seasons of Pokemon, as a


Not even other memes are safe!

kickboxer. Beginning in February 9, 2013, the initial game Kickboxer Misty Vs Kung Fu Flannery , made by Thomas7147, yielded only one drawing of the prompted scenario, but still featured good and funny enough art to become a top game. Subsequently many other games were made in the theme; usually featuring Kickboxer Misty squaring off against other characters (mostly others from Pokemon, though there are exceptions) who have different fighting styles. More recently, she's started to go up against a more random assortment of characters, whether or not they have any combat training.

Kickboxer Misty Vs Karate Crysal!

Kickboxer Misty Vs Tai Chi Erika!

Kickboxer Misty Vs Pro-Wrestler Brock!

Kickboxer Misty Vs Taekwondo Princess Daisy!

Kickboxer Misty Vs Streetfighter Jessie!

Kickboxer Misty Vs Yellmo!

Kickboxer Misty Vs Kung Fu Flannery, Pass it On!

Kickboxer Misty Vs Santa Clause!

Kickboxer Misty Vs Robby Rotten!