Josiah19938 is the account used by "Jazza" on Drawception. Jazza is a YouTuber and often appearing character on Drawception.

On his YouTube account, Jazza made a video where he took over Drawception and streamed it on Twitch.

After this, everyone and everything became Jazza. He started appearing in normal games, often as derails or instead of using a generic character.

In May 2017 Jazza made another video where he apologized for trolling Drawception and encouraged his community to not derail games with his Avatar anymore. While this initially backfired in the end many of his community members did set good examples which lead him to declare it a success. Though he still lives on as a meme on the site.



Jazza draws Drawception


Drawception man and Jazza


No Jazza

People often confuse Jazza as: "guy in red shirt" "Donald Trump" "blonde guy" and "jazz"

People steadily became more annoyed as people became purposely derailing games to include Jazza in them but the trend is steadily becoming more tame.

Link to Jazza's Drawception Account: