Jake the Dog is one of the most notable characters on drawception, often due to a derail that had trolls depict him in a full diaper. This was probably conceived by users Nothebutt, and Presso. During the timespan, these users have flooded the drawception game with games starting with the diaper caption. In November 2015, it returned as a derail caption, when user theyamdeme derailed games with the derail caption. The derails can be seen even into the later days of January 2017.

Variants of Jake the dog derails are seen below:

  • Jake the dog(adventure time) pooped his diaper
  • Finn gets a whiff of jake's full diaper
  • JakeTheDog(adventure time)peeing in his diaper
  • finn sniffs jakethedog's poopy diapered butt
  • JakeTheDog(adventure time)pooped in his diaper
  • jake about to be eaten so he poops his diaper

list of accounts known to have done Jake derails:

  • Oldfestus
  • Stillbest
  • ReflectionScare
  • Nothebutt
  • Nomoreraids
  • Nothanksman
  • Presso
  • Canaryin
  • Wondfer
  • Googlrwill
  • needamega
  • Sorrybutnotdoing
  • DenyMeandIDenyYou
  • toseew
  • Fasser
  • Mr. Whitaker
  • Manmanboyboyman
  • Theyamdeme
  • Nothebutt2
  • Diaper Fetish
  • CreativeConquest
  • Diaper Derailment
  • ILoveToDerail
  • Diaper Derailment 2
  • DiaperDerailer
  • Dominos Pizza
  • Shake Shack
  • Big2016
  • Pizza Hut
  • goofle

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