"Espurr is bored" is a 15-player Drawception vet game that is one of, if not the, most famous games of all Drawception It is the 15th most favorited game of all time.


It is popular mainly because it was directly responsible for the creation of Yellmo, likely the biggest meme of Drawception.

It was created on October 25, 2016; however it is still regularly being viewed and commented on.

As of July 4, 2017, it has 7,510 views, 366 favorites, and WAY too many comments.

As of October 8, it now has 8845 views, 406 favorites, and still so many comments.

This game is unusual because it started with an illustration, not a prompt.

The last panel (the most famous one) alone has over 900 likes.

Every panel in the entire game has more than 100 likes, with the least being 114 and the most being 961. (Again, this is as of 7/4/17. Every stat here is also this date.)

Sequence of events

The user 200FatBunnies pays coins to create an illustration first. That payment of coins sets in motion a chain of events that causes them to become famous, and an epic meme to be born.

They then draw the Pokémon Espurr laying on its stomach with its tongue sticking out and otherwise looking bored on a green background.

The user ohnoes then writes the prompt Espurr is bored, which becomes the title and is sometimes considered its own, albeit short lived meme by some users.

The user massofspiders sees this prompt and draws a rather more cartoony Espurr sitting against a wall, saying "...".

The user Paige Epler calls it 'Espurr is REALLY bored'.

Pear draws another on-topic drawing, an Espurr standing in a white background with a '...'. The good artwork on this one makes it the second most favorited panel of the game, with 478.

Someone called Saeyoung calls it 'Espurr is bored', making it the same as the title, a very rare occurrence in Drawception.

The user Sketchysketch draws a more scribbly, less neat Espurr which is worse drawn (arguably) than the previous three. This knocks the game awry, but the derail is what contributes directly to Yellmo and the popularity.

DangleStomp makes the first derail of the game, calling it 'Bootleg Pokémon.', thinking the bad sketch of Sketchysketch is intentionally un-Pokémon-like.

Connor Baltutis-Bond in response draws what is considered the great-grandfather of Yellmo. It is a vaguely Pikachu-like yellow creature. It has a round head, no torso, oversized oval ears, arms with four fingers each, stick legs, and a squiggly tail. He/she writes 'Pokeycho!', a reference to Pokémon, on the bottom.

A user called 'I play with a trackball' captions it 'Chinpokomon', again referencing Pokémon and also South Park.

The user abacaxi draws another Pikachu-like creature, sometimes considered the grandfather of Yellmo, creeping closer to Yellmo's birth. It is yellow, with a fluffy head, red gumball-like eyes, a large mouth and oval snout, a short left arm with a drill-like thing on the right, and an orange torso.

A user called Raindrop Pie calls it 'Terrifying fluffy yellow creature', probably noticing the red eyes and drill arm. Yellmo inches closer...

weirdguy149 draws a sort-of circular, spiky creature with beady black-and-red eyes with long black lines under them, a mouth with two fangs, and a very long tongue.

Crimson Doom, thinking it similar to Elmo from Sesame Street, famously calls it 'Elmo's weird cousin, Yellmo.' This is the first recorded time Yellmo is mentioned, giving them large credit. The statement is what caused them to be famous and what caused a hugely popular Drawception meme to be born. It caused them and the user John, why? to gain both huge popularity and huge hate. This is one of the only, if not the only, Drawception prompts to ever gain over 400 likes, with currently 457. It paved the way for...

The user John, why? draws an amazing and amazingly popular picture. It may even be the most popular picture on all of Drawception, with an incredible 1061 likes, the only panel in Drawception history to get quadruple digits. It depicts a creature similar to Elmo from Sesame Street yelling. The biggest difference is that he is yellow. However, he also has widely spaced, tilted teeth. He's in a gray background with some fire. It gained John, why? tremendous famousness and it what gave the game over 7500 favorites.