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E-mo is a character and meme that first appeared in the game "Yellmo kills Jazza (finally!)", on July 22nd, 2017.

Appearance: He is the son of Yellmo, and is depicted as similar to Yellmo, but with long black hair covering his right eye and a hoodie. The hoodie is gray and the design varies. Some known variants are his name, nothing, and a skull. He may sometimes also wear black eye shadow or purple-and-yellow headphones. He is shorter than Yellmo.

Personality: E-mo is very emo and goth, preferring listening to sad music over doing things like homework. He is less psychotic than Yellmo, but yells sometimes. He also likes listening to Rick Astley.

Family: E-mo is the son of Yellmo. This means he is also the first cousin once removed of Elmo, Daisy (Elmo's sister) and Jesse (Elmo's cousin) and is also related to Jill (Jesse's mother) and Louie and Mae (Elmo and Daisy's parents). His mother is unknown.

Origin: E-mo first appeared in the game "Yellmo Kills Jazza (finally!)" The game quickly became Yellmo yelling at the viewer to stop looking at him. This continued until panel nine, when the user packid851 captioned the previous picture 'Yellmo Hates You All'. This was drawn successfully by LilToadie, who made a picture of Yellmo saying that he hates everyone and isn't really that psycho. The Drawception D in the same picture says "You can't hate ALL of-" to which Yellmo says "I DO." This was taken one step further by the user lakit, who called it "Yellmo's not psycho, he's emo!" The user lopiok then drew the first picture of E-mo. amhart drew it once more after jmf028 called it "Yellmo's goth son, "E-mo"" thus naming E-mo. The game ended after the caption of amhart's panel. The user ichthys also gets some credit because he begged in the comments. Before puberty, E-mo was the polar opposite of what he is now. Snicka and ZookZookerick made up this in the comments section of Yellmo and his son.

Legacy (so far): After the previously mentioned game got top game, more games started to emerge with E-mo in them. E-mo had his heyday from late July to September 2017 but he can very rarely be found in current games like Happy Gothtober! (PIO)

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