E-Mo is a character and meme created by jmf028 and amhart
IMG 4094

E-mo's first appearance

who is related to Yellmo (E-mo is his son) that quickly gained popularity.

On July 22, 2017, the game Yellmo kills Jazza (Finally!)[1]was finished, which was the first to contain E-mo. The game started off with a caption from FLUFFYWAFFLE!!!, which gregg rulez ok drew. Then mutenukewithmouse captioned that as "Yellmo breaks the fourth wall", which C0nnie Maheswaran drew. Then AvaS captioned that as "Yellmo wants you to stop looking at him!", which froghands drew. Then the cycle continued with Darkshadow captioning "Yellmo says STOP LOOKING AT ME", which Jenn Cao drew, then packid851 captioned that as "Yellmo Hates You All", which liltoadie drew. Then Lakit captioned that as "Yellmo's not psycho he's emo!", which lopiok drew. Then jmf208 captioned that as "Yellmo's goth son, E-mo", which triggered amhart to bring him to life.

Ichthys also received 1/9th of Lakit's 1/15th of credit for E-mo's creation due to Ichthy's support and begging for an hour- an impressive feat in its own right.