A derail is a caption or drawing that a troll or a user has drawn or written to deliberately set the game on another course, rather than simply interpret the given drawing or caption. Derailers always do not comment in an attempt to not get in trouble. Derails are against the rules and are one of the reasons why there is a skip button (because one of the reasons why people derail is because they don't know what a caption is or don't like it). It is also why there's a limit of plays you can do at a time.

Note: There is a big difference between of not getting a reference and a derail. If someone draws Olaf from Frozen and a user who has never seen Frozen writes "Snowman", that's not a derail, but if someone draws Olaf from Frozen and someone writes "Jake the Dog pooped his diaper", then it is.

Known Derails Edit

  • Jazza or anything pertaining to Jazza
  • Fat Mr. Burns
  • Jake The Dog diaper or anything related
  • Fat Red Kangaroo
  • Big Penor
  • The Derail Pineapple
  • Pope Clement II
  • MEAT!!! or anything related to meat following a Jazza or Undertale-related panel
  • Derail
  • Big Shaq
  • TermLuke's City derails
  • Thor derails
  • Visit Philadelphia (short lived)
  • Gilli Fresh
  • Neckbeard
  • Strawberry Clock is King of Drawception!
  • AussieLegend's gory drawings.
  • Danish
  • Duck
  • Desk
  • White Dot in Void
  • Chara Swallows Frisk Whole
  • Who Is John Galt?
  • Ravioli ravioli, Whats in the pocketoli?
  • X, just kidding, it's Mario
  • Get in the bag nebby
  • Country flag
  • Unexpected Spiderman
  • Mew Loses Her Virginity To Mewtwo
  • Shrek derails
  • Logan dies protecting x-23 his child from x-24
  • Gradevoir's Pregnant/Fat Pokèmon
  • Jazza's Avatar
  • Kwasio (Blue Ball Pokemon)
  • Bepis Derails
  • Winston Smith learns Hetalia Italy's a furry.
  • Writing the words "no", "nope" or "the last panel was a troll" or similar when another derail is suspected instead of interpreting.
  • Writing "???" or "I don't know" or similar when the person doesn't know what a reference is.
  • It's Woomy Time (look it up)
  • Just Monika 
  • Reed (The person who can ban you)
  • Oh that's a nice picture 
  • Free Draw PIO when the previous prompt did not specifically state so or was not a continuation of a Free Draw
  • Ice King
  • Draw a penguin

Known Derailers Edit