A Sarcastic Player's Rules of DrawceptionEdit

Be sure to add new rules as part of the numbered list, just to keep things confusing.

  1. Never hit the skip button. Even if you have no idea what to draw/ type, just use question marks.
  2. Crohn's Law of Drawception: All brown objects become scat. 
  3. Crohn's Corollary: If it isn't brown, someone will draw it brown.
  4. All stick figures will eventually become Slenderman.
  5. Spiderman never stays Spiderman.
  6. Cthulhu über Alles!
  7. Rainbow Dash is often mistaken for Nyan Pony.
  8. Dragons will become reptiles/dinosaurs.
  9. Corvax breaks games.
  10. This Bohemian Rhapsody rule is in need of revision. Needless to say, anything that reminds one of the lyrics is likely to get a call-and-response. Classic example:
  11. You have ten minutes. Artists wish they had more time. Prompters probably don't use enough of it.
  12. There are two types of people in this world; those who see a mediocre drawing of a mouse and write mouse, and those who see a mediocre drawing of a mouse and write dog/cat/seal/panther/slug/snail/knight/cthulhu
  13. There are two types of prompters: Those who see a bad drawing of a Batman and type "Batman", and those who see a bad drawing of Batman and type "Black Panther has an identity crisis."
  14. There is no Rule 13.
  15. Don't down-vote that drawing because it's bad. Down-vote it because it's bad AND it's a person exposing their private parts.
  16. Writing that the panel you describe is a "bad drawing" is just a waste of characters.
  17. Some rules have been cribbed from Rules 10 through 15)
  18. Mud/landslides always turns into fecal matter. (Corrolary to Rule 2). But sometimes they turn into snakes. ( )(Recursive footnote: See Rule 9)
  19. Bacon trumps everything.
  20. Bad games happen to good drawings.
  21. Good games happen to bad drawings.
  22. Slenderman never stays Slenderman ( )
  23. All women wearing a purple dress are Sambchop. All busty women are Sambchop. If it's a man, is Bobchop.
  24. Only call an MLP character MLP if you can't fit the character's name in the character limit. Because we ALL should be able to recognize MLP character without having to use Google.
  25. Mummy Cat is always trying to take over something.
  26. Never skip a  description. Ever.
  27. Anything Rainbow will be mistaken as gay symbolisim in the guess. 
  28. Link is Zelda. 
  29. Undertale, Bill Cipher, Splatoon, and other things are gods of DC. No exceptions. Except when Bill's dating Yung Venuz. He's usually on his off time then. 
  30. All skeletons are Sans or Papyrus. 
  31. Waluigi is totally Wario, despite being a different color. Never say it's Waluigi, even if it obviously is. 
  32. If it's a prompt, someone will find a way to add Pokemon, Undertale and/or memes into it. 
  33. If a drawing or prompt has a fandom you don't like, it's ok to derail the game.  
  34. We all know this one... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  
  35. Don't follow rule 34.
  37. Blond haired person is Jazza. Man is Jazza. Boy is Jazza.

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