Origin Edit

Once, long ago, in the darkest depth of space, came it. It was a horrifying monster, the flithiest of scrub lords, who challenged ALL FaZe memebers and won, besides one square, that square being Clunse. Now Clunse, drinking his dew, decided to rekt that skrub lord. So he found him at the xbox live party, and smashed his flithy memes to oblivion. Now Clunse rules with an iron fist, making puns all day to please the masses

Shape Edit

Once it was said that Clunse was like you and me, but then, he did the dew in excess, and that happened like this: at the 1:09 mark, and the legend was made. In this form, he was able to experience punnage on a scale that only he could do


A very Clunsey Clunsmas