Charavoarr is an infamous player who derailed many games. He/she puts undertale vore and other NSFW captions on SFW games. He/she played in the beginning of September 2016. Charavoarr soon returned as Charavoarr6 in the middle of March 2017.

List of derails Charavoarr made

  • Jake the dog diaper derail
  • Chara (undertale) swallows frisk whole
  • Big penor
  • Reisen gets f##### by Tewi
  • Undertale chara vore
  • Favorite undertale shipping PIO

List of accounts Charavoarr made (most are banned)

  • Charavoarr
  • Charavoarr2
  • Charavoarr3
  • Charavoarr4
  • Charavoarr5
  • Friskvoarr
  • Charawhoarr
  • CharavoarrRETURNSAGAIN
  • Charavoarr6

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