Charavoarr is an infamous player who derailed many games. They put undertale vore and other NSFW captions on SFW games. They played in the beginning of September 2016. Charavoarr soon returned as Charavoarr6 in the middle of March 2017.

List of derails Charavoarr made

  • Jake the dog diaper derail
  • Chara (undertale) swallows frisk whole
  • Big penor
  • Reisen gets f##### by Tewi
  • Undertale chara vore
  • Favorite undertale shipping PIO

List of accounts Charavoarr made (most are banned)

  • Charavoarr
  • Charavoarr2
  • Charavoarr3
  • Charavoarr4
  • Charavoarr5
  • Friskvoarr
  • Charawhoarr
  • CharavoarrRETURNSAGAIN
  • Charavoarr6

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