Blindbeard is a pirate. He is somewhat of a charity case, missing both eyes, his right leg below the knee (replaced with a wooden leg), and his left hand (replaced with a hook). His face is scarred, and he wears a oversized pirate hat, with an inverse Subliminal Batman in place of the Jolly Roger. His name comes from his blindness, and his brown scraggly beard; also taking inspiration from the great pirate Blackbeard. He wears a dark grey suit, and is often accompanied by his parrot.

He first officially came about in a Flockmod session (the first of the Great Fortnightly Flockmod Sessions), where Joe HF's avatar was progressively added to with a pirate hat, eyepatches, and missing limbs. The general concept of Blindbeard, however, is much older, and an early incarnation appeared in 2012.

He has since appeared in several flockmod sessions, and a few games.

Appearances Edit

Flockmod: Creation Land-sea

Drawception Games: 1

Unofficial appearance