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• 9/21/2018

Staff members

Hello, I recently came across this wiki, and I was wondering who the staff members were. I would like to ask a bureaucrat or an admin if I could redesign the home page. Though it's fine now, a few of the things on there are off-center and I believe that more information should be added to it. In retrospect, this wiki isn't very active, however, I think it could use some refining, such as an updated staff member list. I don't really know where to post this message because isn't a thread board, and members don't have Message Walls like on other wikis. I have also noticed an abundance of userpages, with only a few sentences on them which probably should be deleted if they're violating the wiki's rules
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• 9/1/2018

What belongs on the wiki

A couple of things happening have drawn my attention to the fact that we don't really have any policies about what the wiki is and isn't; what belongs, what doesn't, and where things should go. How I'm thinking is as follows, but any thoughts and suggestions are welcome. (I'll probably split these into a couple of Policy pages later)

== What is the Drawception Wiki ==

A Wikipedia style Drawception Encyclopedia. It's a home for various information about the stuff that happens on Drawception that wouldn't be found elsewhere.

== What the Drawception Wiki is not ==

- We are not a dumping ground for junk or shitposting.
- As per Reed's policy on not giving attention, we do not remember or catalogue specific trolls or derails.
- We're not a complete catalogue of anything that ever featured on Drawception once. Things are only noteworthy if they have featured in several different games, or have been a significant part of the forums or surrounding community at some point.
- You don't "make something a meme" by posting it here. It only becomes a meme once it is picked up by people other than yourself or your group of friends. If it has already been a thing more widely, though, feel free to make an article on it.
- We're not Wikipedia. While we will feature some third-party characters and subjects that feature regularly on Drawception, we only care about a very brief description of what it is from elsewhere. Most of the information should be Drawception-relevant. We don't want all the minutia of say Darth Vader's history in Star Wars. Just a brief introduction (and perhaps a Wikipedia link) will suffice, and all other information should be about his significant appearances in Drawception.

== What belongs where ==

===Article Pages===

Should describe Drawception-relevant stuff in a casual encyclopedia style. There's a bunch of categories to organise the articles. They can be about characters or memes that have specifically come out of Drawception, or just a third-party meme or character that appears regularly on Drawception.

Articles can be also created about Drawception users, and get the category "Users".
They can be created by anyone, you don't have to just create your own. They should be a description of the Drawception user in question, ideally written in 3rd person.
Keep it fairly factual, it's not a place to post whatever you want - you have a separate Wiki User: page that you can use to do that if you want.

===User: Pages===

Your Wikia userpage is a page for you as the person behind the account (as a Wiki editor) to use as you want. Describe yourself as a person, post your favourite stuff, whatever really.

You can have it describe your Drawception account if you want to, but it isn't a replacement for an actual Article page about you as the Drawceptioner.

===Talk Pages / Article Comments ===

Discuss improvements to the article, or just how you feel about the subject in general. Just keep it clean and don't spam.
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• 8/17/2018

Troll Halls of Fame

I'm thinking of completely deleting all the pages about trolls and their derails, and the list of derails. This would be to tie in with Reed's approach of discouraging giving trolls attention. I'd leave a page explaining what derails are, but remove any listing of them that could serve as a troll's trophy or "hall of fame". What do the rest of you think?
Remove the troll Halls of Fame?
  • I'm with Reed - their trophies should go. 70%
  • It's part of the history - keep them. 30%
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• 8/17/2018

User Rights

Considering my role on the main site, and a busy IRL schedule, I may not have a great deal of time to maintain this Wiki. While I'll endeavour to check in from time to time, I may take considerable absences from Wiki monitoring. Hopefully Hippo/Panspark will be able to cover for that, but I'd still like to ensure we avoid the situation the wiki was previously in where the admins left unannounced, and left the wiki without moderation. To prevent this, I am considering granting some elevated user rights to a larger group, so that there's always someone with access to deal with any problems.

I'll be accepting people that:
a) Are committed Drawceptioners, and
b) have a reasonable commitment to the wiki, and have a history of positively editing pages across the wiki over an extended time (it doesn't have to be every day - long breaks and intermittent editing is fine - but I won't be immediately accepting people that have just started wikiing.)
c) show maturity and are willing to take on the additional responsibility

Let me know if this describes you!
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